The Best Ways to Wear Spring Patterns

Wear Spring Patterns

The conclusion of winter marks the dawn of your chance to unleash your best spring patterns. Showcase your style by blending prints and accentuating your favorite designs this spring. The best way to wear spring patterns is to include prints that make you feel confident.

The Wonderful World of Patterns

Patterns are as diverse as the people who wear them each spring. However, classic spring patterns include seersucker, florals and stripes. However, savvy shoppers find ways to incorporate contemporary designs with traditional spring patterns.

Contemporary patterns help bring life to an ensemble especially if you are not able to transform your entire wardrobe.

Adding a few trendy pieces into your spring wardrobe is a great way to control your spending and avoid buying too many items you won’t be able to wear in a few years due to changes in fashion.


Wearing patterned skirts is best when you have accessories and shoes to highlight the detailing of the skirt. For example, skirts with fishtails are enhanced with stiletto sandals whereas long floral skirts work well with espadrilles. Skirts are a great option for blending prints as well.

Consider choosing a striped spandex skirt and pairing it with an oversized flowing top in a neon color. The blend of colors from the season and contemporary designs creates a chic look. Add a simple pair of solid colored shoes and your ensemble is complete.


Tops for spring are always fun to select. There are few rules for oversized tops and their pairing with bottoms. Pants with unusual shapes and textures work well with loose fitting tops consisting of all patterns. However, depending on your body type, mixing too many prints on your top and body can make you look bigger than you are.

If you have large hips, darker, larger prints are best suited to your bottom with a brightly colored top. If you have zero curves, mixing prints in your top and bottom can give the illusion of a more curvaceous figure.